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Friday, December 23, 2011

Oatmeal Arozcaldo

   This menu is a no sugar added oatmeal recipe ... Usually people eat oat meal with milk and dried fruits then added sugar or honey or else to became a desserts.. for me , i could not eat oatmeal with sugar or something you put sweet on it.. i don`t know i have weird eating habit...
   Oatmeal is good to the heart than eating a lot of rice..oatmeal helps fighting obesity...and a good digestive food..great source of fiber that we need in our diet.
.  Mostly i put salmon flakes with hot water only on my oatmeal...or cook it with white egg and tuna ..omelets type,a good pancake protein breakfast...
   today i will show you how to make oatmeal arozcaldo..or oatmeal ginger is common breakfast food in my country but not oatmeal,its a rice ..
   ingredients are...
just plain cup
small size of ginger..diced or pressed
chopped onion sliced
some olive oil
sea salt to taste
you can put chicken on it ...but for me i used dried shrimps
cayenne pepper...its an option..i just like this
HOW TO COOK>>a simple step..
   heat the frying fan ,then pour the olive oil next the ginger...fry it until brown, then you can add the onion..if you use chicken meat you can add it now..or the shrimps ...
   add a cup of water ..boil in a minute then put your oatmeal and salt to taste..bring them to a boil...just  always check the oatmeal ....if it is okay..then you ready to serve....
 then you have warm healthy oatmeal soup...a great meal for diet .....can added parsley and cayenne pepper for your choice..
oatmeal goto or lugaw

Roses are always Romantic..

    Do you like flowers? i know is more nice and happy if we receive flowers from someone...a real flowers not artificial...especially roses...yeah..i hope somebody will send me roses this December heheh...
anyway,beside real flowers how about handmade flowers just for fun,forget your stress and lets meditate..
let us try making roses? i really love roses...i like making flowers..
today before going to bed.,i made a rose out of duct first i thought i cant do it..but i made it....i just follow the ribbon rose making tutorial...
flower making is fun...i also tried paper flower,fabric,crochet ,clay ,ribbon,beads and what else ,what other things i can use to make flower again? Well,i have to experiment it  and find another materials to make flower..see the picture below...and you can visit the channel

nihonggo tips lesson..
rose in japanese.....bara
red in japanese...    aka
yellow in japanese....kiro
flower in japanese......hana