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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


  What is Miso?.Although we all know miso is a fermented paste made from soybeans,and for those who do not know  miso can produced from rice,barley or wheat.And it is very popular in making soup which called the also can be used for many other things besides soup ,you can make a great marinade from adding different sauce or spices to make a better flavor,can be used in vegetables ,fish,meat or anything you want.
.. But i`m gonna tell you here that miso is not the type of  food that made from your own kitchen,i `m not saying you can`t make miso, Miso making have a lot of hand effort,so the processing method is not quite easy ,that is why most japanese people are contented to buy than make their own miso 
  Don`t you know that Miso maker has its own unique process and has its own secret just to make good of that we enjoy variety of  miso to choose ..
   Some sites telling that  miso has two major types ,the red and the white,But through my experienced on  buying miso ,i noticed there are variety of miso ,it is not only in different brands ,of course with some different flavor too i don't think it has only two types ,i have tried the white miso.the black miso.the red miso,the yellow miso or the brown type. Well,most dark miso is to be the saltier and stronger in flavor ,while the white and yellow is not much strong in flavor,but the popular miso is the one in yellow brown types..
   My favorite miso is from takeya and marukome ..i have tried almost different brand of  miso ,their all  good in flavor ..the issue here is about their cost and ingredients..for me,I am just solid with this two brand..
  . In my hometown its popular using miso in SINIGANG which we called Sinigang sa miso..I love it so much especially in Sinigang in Bangus .Bangus is the most popular fish in the Philippines..
     And we enjoy not only having it in our meal,but eating miso has good benefits in our diet,but be careful not to excess using miso because of its salty is suggested to watch the amount of miso.
   and for the basic key word ..of how to make good misoshiru or miso soup is the adding of the DASHI stock. or the fish broth ..
i have unique eating ,i put many cayenne pepper 

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