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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Make Homemade Salty Egg or Itlog na Maalat.

  Salty egg are popular in the Philippines,we love to eat salty eggs usually in the morning..with fresh tomatoes..
  And the popular method of processing itlog na pula is the "Pateros Style" by mixing clay, fresh eggs are individually dipped in the add mixture..
Eggs are then stored and with good  temperature..curing can last up to18 days.
after the curing period egg are hand cleaned and be boiled ...
But this method are not simple right? Now I`m gonna show you what is the easiest way of making itlog na your own kitchen..i have learned this when i was in high school..

  Let`s start,first all you need is fresh  raw eggs ,water cup of salt or more if you want but much better not too much salt on eggs..its not good to our body
Then,now by selecting eggs,You can use white eggs but for me i suggest use the organic one or the native egg..the brown eggs..white eggs are filled of hormone growth that was injected to the chicken..for being so very conscious of  eating  i `m very selective in food  But its your choice and  personal decision ,okay!
    And also you need an empty jar .filled this with water and put the salt in it ..Dip the eggs individually ..and then cover it tightly ,don`t put it in the them in good room temperature..
See!.. you made your first homemade itlog na maalat..And then you must  wait  the eggs to  stored for about one week or more..
homemade itlog na maalat 
In one week you will notice  eggs will float ....yes.. floating is the sign that eggs are ready to eat ..means that curing process of the salt in the eggs are enough.

Now you can bring it to the boil in low temperature heat maybe in 30 minutes..and if they cooked no need to dye it in red . ..And then , wait to cool and ready to serve...prepared it with red fresh tomato or fresh onion...

Cholesterol Contents..
Salty eggs are high in cholesterol,.If eaten regularly if might have greater risk.of elevating blood cholesterol level..According what i have read in wikipedia..the Health Promotion Board of Singapore ,One salted egg weighing 70g contains 359 mg of cholesterol,that the recommended intake for healthy diet should be less than
300mg. so watch yourself if you eat too much salty eggs..and too much salt is unhealthy either..

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