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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do You Like Nail Art?

     Yeah ,I`ts one of  the most famous fashion nowadays,because its easy to carry and easy to do..With so many different types of nail art design to choose from,..Apart from ready to choose design ,the option is really exciting ang mag kulay ng kuko..

 If you have look closely at certain design of nail art , You will probably noticed many interesting types and details...- shiny bright colors and mix rainbow like candies or ice cream, perhaps something glittery, maybe an unusual texture.But Skilled nail artist are more expert because they give life to nail, and they do used a  variety of materials,

In my case i like more intriguing or wild or maybe something unique..,but some woman may choose something very simple,well,if you are simple or shy person,you may shy away from this outgoing form of nail art..and i believe that the way you design your nail show up  what you're real personality.....but mostly conservative person don't wear intriguing colors in their nail..maybe they're not comportable or maybe  they don't like people staring at them..but for me i like others looking at my nails hahaha..though I'm not good in nail art design..

Well,this time i have tried to design my own nail,which i have never been done before.. Usually skilled person doing it for me...if i visit a beauty parlor  ,but since I'm here in Tokyo,its not so common here to have nail manicure....and if you found a shop of nail art designer will expect to pay more money,in that case it would be more better to do it yourself .i have tried this once,my both hands are 12,000 yen which is more than 5thousand pesos in our country,and it depends on the design huh...

let me show some craziest design i did in my nails..i think they're funny .yeah,..or maybe i can call them "THE WORST NAIL ART" I` ve ever done"