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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Healthy Ginataang Monggo

oatmeal not rice 

                                     (Ginataan means cooked with coconut milk  )
A Filipino dessert made of toasted  mung beans and sticky rice cooked in coconut milk. but I arranged it in my own taste and to make it healthier...

 Instead of rice i used oatmeal here...and I used HONEY for sugar ... i promise its more delicious to the original .... okay let me show the ingredient's..

1 ½ cups of uncooked oatmeal..
1 cup monggo beans  toasted
1 ½ cups coconut milk
1 cup of honey
half cup of cooked tapioca or Sago

How to cook...........
1. Toast monggo beans (mung beans) until golden brown. Remove from fire. On a flat surface crush the toasted monggo beans with a rolling pin. Discard the loose skin from the crushed seeds.
2. Boil the oatmeal with water.
3. Add the coconut milk and HONEY
4. Mix the toasted monggo beans into the sweet rice. Continue cooking until the monggo beans are cooked thoroughly.
5. Put the cooked tapioca and ready to served

                                          honey oatmeal /ginataang monggo....

About Myself.

Let me tell you first what friends call me,they call me Lui or Luweeh ...because .Luisa is my true name.
My family called me Cha,which i truly dislike .

Anyway Let me tell here my brief story

I was born and brought in the Philippines,Currently residing here in Tokyo,Japan

I married a Japanese ,I have to kids..a boy and a girl..they only speak japanese.

I have big family and I'm the eldest

I didn't finish my College ,but I went to PCU( Philippine Christian University)

I was a dancer when i first came to Japan where there i met my Japanese husband, he's an Engineer

I learned Japanese through Television and self studies.

I never go to work since i got married,my hubby does not like a wife goes to work

I'm 5' 3 1/2  in height , average body ,fair complexion, long and black hair ,dark brown eyes,
I have spanish and indian blood ,my mother told me..

I have strong personality..sometimes I'm moody..
I'm very optimistic ,i hate negative thoughts, i'm weak of bad smell. i have sensitive skin,

i like eating nuts,i love green tea, i love fruits and vegetables , i'm not a meat eater i avoid if possible .
i'm taking supplements,i love cooking but i'm not a food craver ..

I'm simple in fashion,i don't wear make up as much as possible,i prefer to have long hair than short hair
I love essential oils , i cannot live with out peppermint in my bag , i love herb tea ,i love body massage so i go to massage salon regularly.

I hate criticism..i hate intrigues, i hate pretenders, i hate conceited person, i hate non sense person.

I believe I have unique knowledge and abilities..I'm very creative ,i like art work..,there are many things i would like to do in life,to see,to create,to challenge or experiment..I like to read books or magazines ..i love to spend time on my computer .

 i like to meditate, i like to think and to dream,i like trees,green grass,sea side ,flowers..I like to look at the clouds ,i like sunrise..i like going to park and relax ..i like the smell of nature.i like the birds singing.

I like to look myself on the mirror and when i cannot sleep at night  i stay on my computer,
i like midnight because it gives me a quiet and peaceful mind.
I like to relax alone especially with nature , I love walking and watching beautiful plants and flowers,i love listening some kind of healing music

I go to gym as much as possible,i love dancing or singing although i'm not a singer ,i love meditation like Yoga ,and i find it relaxing and it's a great way to release stresses..

I like beaches but i can't swim , i like walking under the sun kahit limang oras.mahilig ako na pinapawisan basta.pero after non kailangang mag shower at magbabad ng tub..or mag sauna .

I can't drive a car at hindi ko pinangarap mag drive ..enough na sa akin ang bicycle heheh,
i like bus tour and traveling pero i don't go out on a very far places ,kase yung long trip ay hindi ko gusto ,mabilis akong mabagut..

I like romantic sweet places. ..
I like going to restaurant and check their foods at syempre yung paligid kung makakarelax ba.
Mahilig den akong kumuha ng mga pictures o magvideo but i'm not an expert ,just part of my hobby.

Masayahin akong tao ,huwag lang bubuwisitin,
i like to smile ..because i believe .smiling is the key to look younger..i'm a jolly person but a little snob sometimes.minsan makulit. minsan masungit ..

I like bright pink and yellow..i like something spicy in food,i don't like sugar
so i drink coffee without sugar..i eat oatmeal with no sweetener too.

And  don't have many friends,the reason is i hate intrigues so i'm very selective when it comes to friendship..
..I hate wasting time with someone who doesn't worth to be my friends.coz i believe too many friends leads you to trouble like jealousy , envy or sometimes will just hurt you....pranka akong masyado so mahirap para sa akin ang mag pretend,i'm avoiding gulo ..mabilis akong maturn maiksi ang self control ko..

I hate surrounded by people or even crowded and noisy places...especially in an smokey area,i hate the smell of cigarettes ..ewan basta ayoko..
And i hate pets too, it's looks kadiri to me holding a puppy or a cat...ayoko kinikilabutan ako sa mga nadidiri den sa amoy .laway,balahibo at dumi nila..ganun na nga ..ayoko basta..

...whatelse can i say bout me... apart of the things i have not mention is i have a goal in life... Yes!.., my goal is to have happy peace stable and healthy long life..

next time